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Forecast for now

This site is not flyable because the wind is too strong, the wind is gusting too strongly.

{SW, 242}, N, NE, S, SW, W, NW
Thermalling / soaring
Wind direction
SW (242°)
Takes wind directions
N, NE, S, SW, W, NW
Wind speed
18 km/h / 10 knots / 5 m/s / 11 mph
Wind gust
30 km/h / 16 knots / 8 m/s / 19 mph
clear sky
Current conditions
not reported by station
07:01 AM
08:30 PM
Last reading
2 hours ago (from site forecast)

Windfinder forecast


Suitable for
Paragliding. 1- und 2-sitzig
By car, walk
278m (max. height difference 49m for this site)
Star rating
Site contact
37.8027, -25.6546

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Suitable for: Paragliding. 1- und 2-sitzig. Access: By car, walk. Altitude: 278m (max. height difference 49m for this site). Star rating: *****. Certified: No. Site contact: http://www.asassaomiguel.com/. Coordinates: 37.8027, -25.6546. S.Miguel, Portugal, Azores, Portugal
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