14,135 launches 7,539 landings 48,129 active weather stations
Paragliding sites mashed up with live weather & forecasts.
See where it's flyable right now. Worldwide!
Where is it flyable right now?
Paragliding Map

Paragliding Map for Mobile

View paragliding sites mashed up with live weather observations, forecasts and webcams to see which sites are flyable right now - all over the world.
  • Explore more than 13,000 launches, 7,000 landings, 40,000 weather stations and 32,000 webcams on the map.
  • Full site descriptions viewable in-app. - Automatic shortcuts to DHV, Flyland, FFVL and Paragliding Earth for even more information.
  • 3-day forecasts from Wind Finder. - Data from the DHV, Flyland, FFVL, Paragliding Earth and more.
  • Live weather stations from Holfuy, Pioupiou, MADIS (worldwide) and FFVL (France) displayed on the map.
  • Free chat for each site. Ask local pilots questions, organise car-sharing, flight trips and pickups.
  • Receive chat notifications on a per-site basis.
  • Webcams displayed on the map and in site details.
  • Free-text search for launch name, nearby towns or region.
  • Favorites can be saved for easy access later.
  • “Show in Google Earth”. View surrounding paragliding sites to see how they look in 3D.
  • “Send my location” sends an email with a pre-configured “SOS” or “I need a ride” message, along with your GPS coordinates and a convenient link to your location on a map.
  • Share map and site details via Facebook, Twitter, Messages & email.

Paragliding Map is a fully supported product. If you have any problems, please let me know and I will help you personally.



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Paragliding Map for Mobile

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