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About "My Paragliding Map"
Paragliding Map

About "My Paragliding Map"

"My Paragliding Map" contains premium services customised specifically for you. For example, you can get "where to fly" suggestions within 75 km of a location, set up favourite regions for easy access and even receive automated alerts to tell you when your favourite site will be flyable.

"Where to fly" suggestions

One of the features I use most is the automatic "where to fly" alerts. For example, if I am in the Interlaken region, each morning I would like to receive an email with recommended flying sites. These recommendations help me to choose sites which will be flyable for that day, along with a weather report which allows me to check the weather in more detail.

"Site will be flyable" alerts are sent if a particular site will be flyable. Once you know the conditions will be good, you can throw your wing into the car and go for a sneaky flight after work.


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