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Paragliding Map

About Paragliding Map

Misson: Show paraglider pilots where it's flyable using a simple and powerful interactive map. Pilots can click map markers to view more information.

A simple concept which was complex to implement!

My goal is to provide a map to easily see where to fly. The map displays the weather stations, forecasts, webcams and photos so pilots can make a pre-flight safety decision.

Forecasts come from Windfinder, who are constantly improving their models to accurately predict complex areas such as the European alps, where there are micro-climates, föhn, valley winds and lees. Over time, you will see the accuracy of alpine information improve even further.


How does Paragliding Map work?

Real-time weather observations, forecasts and site information are used to make a rules-based decision on whether each flying site around the world is flyable or not. In detail:

  • Flyable wind directions for each launch.
  • Real-time wind direction, wind speed and gust strength to calculate safe launch conditions.
  • Real-time weather observations (clouds, fog, rain, or thunderstorms; in future even föhn).
  • Forecasts to see where to fly in the next 3 days.


Data sources

Paragliding Map consumes a huge amount of data from a number of sources, processes it, then displays it on the map. In fact, there is no other app or website where information from so many important data sources is displayed in one place!



Free support

This product is fully supported by me, the paraglider pilot and software developer who wrote it. If you need help or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will sort it out for you. ;)

See you in the sky!


Paragliding sites with live weather, forecasts, webcams & photos. See where you can fly right now. Worldwide!

ParaglidingMap.com cannot safely make a decision about whether/where to fly - only an experienced and properly trained pilot can make this decision. You must make the final decision to fly or not to fly! For more information, please see the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy.

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