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Paragliding Map

About Paragliding Map

Paragliding Map was founded in 2009 with a clearly defined mission:

Show pilots where to fly. Worldwide!
— Craig Payne, Founder

Every day, our team strives to offer the best service for pilots!

Paragliding Map technologies process gigabytes of data every hour, to deliver information which is fast, accurate and easy to understand.

Our massive community of pilots continually contribute site descriptions, local contact information and local photos. This community information is blended with forecasts, current weather readings, photos, live webcams and artificial intelligence. Finally, we package all this data together on one easy platform - Paragliding Map!

Paragliding Map has become the #1 service for pilots around the world and is growing fast. We constantly improve and add new features. We are also adding new languages to bring our service to even more pilots!

A big "thanks" to our worldwide community and partners!


The Paragliding Map Team

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